Nov. 1st, 2010

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[ Locked to Ianto Jones ]

How are you feeling?  Sorry I didn't contact you yesterday, but I was pretty much out until late in the evening and then that blackout happened.

I'm feeling mostly better physically now, although my shields are still shot to hell and I've got a moderately annoying lingering headache and a touch of photophobia still, but that's about it aside from the muscle weakness.  {{OOC: Funny how Mio describes that as "mostly better." 9.9}} I'll need to be on a high-calorie, high-protein diet for the next couple of days to gain back my energy.  I really overdid it this time.

You still up for talking?
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[ locked to Captain Jack Harkness ]

What in the name of the Inverted Pyramid of Klah happened earlier at the party? I could hear that girl's panic through my shields! (Granted, they're not quite back up to full strength yet, but even so...)

{{OOC: Fun fact - Mio doesn't like cursing in the name of gods because she's all to aware they exist and might hear her. So she curses in the name of dimensions and alien landmarks instead.}}
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