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Anger (1992) – Assemblage 23

We soar and fly
On that adrenaline high
Fly off the handle
Take an eye for an eye
Without regret, without remorse
Cut (off) the problem right at the source

Anti You – Blue Stahli

Force feeding
I'm burning the alter
And I'll pass right through

I want to be the Anti You

Beware – Xandria

[all the lyrics fit]
I am the night's revenge
I've got a soul to sell
And yet a fist to clench
So wait for me in hell

The Bomb – Neuroticfish
[all the lyrics fit]
I wear my bomb near to my chest
Is it ticking?
Cold, hard; no time to rest
I feel it kicking

I wear my bomb near to my chest
Is it moving?
Cold, hard, no time to stop
And never soothing

Burning Bridges – Blue Stahli

You deserve every bit of what you're getting
I'm burning the bridge but you started the flame
If you think that this is all a bit excessive
The empathy and the integrity match what you gave

By the Waters – Rotersand

I'm watching you
I'm tracking you
I'm hunting you
I'm haunting you
Be mine

Yearn for my invasion
Into your world of blue and gray
In this crusade of persuasion
Your love will be my prey

By the Waters (Soman Sheffield Mix) – Rotersand

[same as above]

Creepy Crawler – Zombie Girl

I don't feel it
I'm not afraid of it
Cause I'm as evil as can get it
Nothings ever scared me yet

Creepy Crawler (KMFDM Mix) – Zombie Girl

[same as above]

A Dangerous Mind – Within Temptation

[all the lyrics fit]
It's in your eyes, what's on your mind.
I see the truth that you've buried inside.
It's in your eyes, what's on your mind.
There is no mercy, just anger I find.

Darkangel – VNV Nation

Give me time I will be clear.
Given time you'll understand
What possesses me to right what you have suffered.
I'm in this mood because of scorn.
I'm in a mood for total war.
To the darkened skies once more and ever onward.

Dirt – Assemblage 23

[refers to Mio's father; all the lyrics fit]
Aghast amidst the grim procession
Of hateful traits in your possession
And there's nowhere to hide when the waves come crashing in (x2)

The silence hums behind your eyes
A veil that shields you from your lies
But when the truth rains down, it'll drown you like a flood (x2)

Greed – Assemblage 23

[refers to Mio’s father; all the lyrics fit]
A grip on you like an addiction
A selfish need for something more
Who it hurts is inconsequential
When you get what you’re looking for

Greed (KMFDM Mix) – Assemblage 23

[same as above]

Hearts for Bullets – Ayria

She can't love you, just wants a reaction,
But don't give in, deny satisfaction
There's no love in her
She just used her heart for a bullet

I’ll Damage You (Extended Mix) – Razed in Black

Inflict the worst of pleasures
To make it all feel better
Won’t try to tame intentions
It ain’t no use
Inflict the worst of pleasures
To make it all feel better
I’ve been abused and used
Don’t you think I’ll Damage You

My Mind’s Eye – Sirenia

If you are down
I will come to chain you to the ground
And penetrate your mind.
If you are lost *if only you are lost*
I'll be there to break your trust
And ravage all your lust for life, my love
You will never realize
What darkness lies inside
inside my mind.

My Revenge on the World (Implant Remix) – Ayria

Taking my attack stance right now
Making sure you all get knocked down
Don't try anything that gets in my way
This time no one gets a say

One, two, I'll start with you
Because you had the most to loose
Three, Four, on the ground
Your whole world crashing down
Five, Six, now attack
It's time for pay back
Seven, Eight, now I know everyone has got to go
Now strike!

Nemesis – VNV Nation

I want justice for a voice that can't be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let retribution hold dominion over earth
Because Judgment day's not coming
Judgment day's not coming
Soon enough

Nemesis (SAM Remix) – VNV Nation

[same as above]

Never Forgive – Assemblage 23

Rain down
Tears of regret
You haven't seen the worst of it yet
Your name
A foul epithet
Never forgive... never forget

Paint it Black – Inkubus Sukkubus

I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door and must have it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black
I wanna see it tainted, tainted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it tainted, tainted, tainted, tainted black

Scorch the Ground (version) – Seabound

I am the crack of your voice
(Static in the sound)
I am the bias in your choice
(Your lack of common ground)
I am the shadow in the noise
(Love never found)
I scorch the ground
I scorch the ground you walk on

Scorch the Ground (Rotersand Version) – Seabound

[same as above]

Silence – Assemblage 23

[refers to the relationship Mio has with her sister; all the lyrics fit]
I want you to know the depths
Of my disgust
I want you to learn
The emptiness of trust
I want you to rue the day
That you were born
I want you to feel the fury
Of my storm

Time to Bring the Pain – Krypteria

Me the hunter, you the prey, I got you in my sight.
Licking my chops the wait is over and the time’s just right to strike.

Let’s go, no more toying around anymore, let’s go.

Time for me to bring the pain - venatrix appropinquit.
Time to teach you bout the feeling when your heart’s being ripped out
Time for me to bring the pain - venatrix appropinquit.
Time to finish what you started in the past right here right now.

Wake Me Up – Neuroticfish

[all the lyrics fit]
I feel a pressure, a certain kind of need
I feel aggression, every time I bleed
I am not like you, and you are not like me
You figured out what's good, and what is bad for me

Recently I chose not to say a word
Everything I sense is going to be absurd
I never felt so strong, I never felt so high
I guess this has to be the feeling when I die

WakeMeUp! (JAB Remix) – Neuroticfish

[same as above]

You’re No Good – KMFDM
Punishing discontent
Gotta get a grip
My mind's working overtime
Twisting in a tourniquet
Ticking like a timebomb
Another pound of flesh
Red alert emergency
I'm headed for a crash

You’re No Good (Zomb’d Out Mix) – KMFDM

[same as above]

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