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Plot: The OT4

Prologue: Just another day at Torchwood Chicago
Sept. 17
[locked thread in Phoebe's journal] : Ianto asks Phoebe for advice about getting over Jack
Oct. 14
[locked entry to Torchwood & Martha in Ianto's journal]
 : Ianto informs the rest of Torchwood about his new Rift ability to shapeshift into a pteranodon. He and Jack make innuendos about cross-species shapeshifter romance.

Part 1: Krovyanka
Oct 19, shortly before midnight
0.5. [locked entry to Jack, Owen, and Ianto in Mio's Journal] : Mio writes a locked journal entry to members of Torchwood she trusts asking for an emergency pick-up.
1.0. I can't control myself, I have to see you BLEED : Mio loses control of her power and kills a man accidentally. While waiting for a Torchwood pickup, Mio meets Kaden Fuchizaki. Jack and Owen arrive, and she is given emergency medical treatment for the power rebound migraine and taken back to the Tower.
Oct. 20, afternoon.
2.0. How much longer must I bleed//into the soil before I see//the one who holds the blade is me? : Mio and Jack discuss what happened.
Oct 21, afternoon.
2.5. [locked entry to Ianto in Mio's journal] : Mio asks Ianto to come to her room and talk.
3.0  You bleed just to know you're alive : Mio confesses to Ianto what happened. She has an emotional breakdown, but during it, it comes out that Mio and Ianto have a mutual attraction to each other. Exhausted after all the emotional turmoil they've been through, Mio and Ianto take a nap in her bed.

Interlude: Starfruit
roughly Oct 23. 
[Public entry in Cassie's journal] : Mio reassures Cassie that the blackout she caused on the 20th was not her fault.
roughly Oct 27. 
you shine the lights that stop me; turn to stone : Mio teaches Cassie meditation techniques to help her control her power as an attempt towards starting to balance her karma (or something like that).

Part 2: Baked Alaska
Oct. 26
4.0. leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you : Ianto and Phoebe flirt while Phoebe is baking cookies.
Oct. 31, evening-late
5.0. He did the monster mash! : Halloween party thread
5.0.1. As a result of a losing a bet to Martha, Jack is wearing a giant Hello Kitty costume. He and Ianto discuss costumed crime-fighting forces
5.0.2. As a result of a lost bet to Jack, Owen is dressed up as a leatherman. He is not amused. He and Ianto fight, and he tells Ianto about Thane, but then Gwen shows up. He also bitches at Phoebe for a bit, and Mio snarks at him.
5.0.3. As a result of losing a bet to Owen, Ianto is dressed up as a sexy french maid. Matoi is creepy at him, but Mio attempts to cheer him up by talking about sex-change candies. (Ianto is probably a bit confused.) Phoebe also gets in on the cheering-up action and she and Ianto share a dance.
5.0.4. To complete the chain of lost bets, Mio has lost a bet to Ianto, and is dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. In an attempt to get her mind off the events of the last couple weeks, she uses the opportunity to be a snarky bitch. She and Kaden meet again, and they eventually introduce themselves.
5.0.5. In the sole disaster of the evening, Jack attempts to talk to Iris about sexuality, but ends up accidentally causing her to have a schizophrenic break from reality instead. (Off-screen, Mio is trying not to have a panic attack in the corner as well.)
5.1. [locked entry to Jack in Mio's journal] : Mio asks Jack what happened with Iris, and begs Jack not to make her check up on Iris psychically.
5.2. [locked entry to Phoebe in Jack's journal] : Jack asks Phoebe to check up on Iris. In a strikeout, Phoebe mentions to Jack that she's attracted to Ianto; Jack encourages it.
Nov. 1
5.9. [multiply locked entry in Ianto's journal] : Ianto bitches to Owen about Matoi and requests a meeting  with Jack.
6.0. Protect me from what I want : Ianto confronts Jack to learn the truth about Thane. Unsurprisingly, their argument evolves (devolves?) into innuendo, and Ianto convinces Jack to go out on a date.
roughly Nov. 7
6.5. [locked entry to Dmitri in Ianto's journal] : Ianto asks Dmitri for restaurant recommendations.
Nov. 15
7.0. It's in your eyes, a colour fade out//Looks like a new transition : Mio and Phoebe are on a data gathering mission in the remains of the Conrad's Endless Hallway, but they become trapped due to Rift shenanigans. While waiting for the dimensional loop to disperse, Mio tells Phoebe about her family history and apologizes for avoiding Phoebe in the past. (Later that evening, Mio has a bitch session with Jo about the Rift, and Mio volunteers to teach Jo the katana.)
Nov. 20
7.0. Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend : Jack and Ianto go on a date. Disaster (probably?) ensues.
Dec. 14, or thereabouts.
8.0 It's the most wonderful time of the year : Mio and Ianto go Christmas shopping. Cuteness ensues.

Plot: RUA Gaiden
Oct 19, late
1.0 I can't control myself, I have to see you BLEED : Mio meets Kaden in a back alley and they snark at each other for a while. They strike a deal: Mio won't report Kaden's drug habit if Kaden won't report her to the police about the man she murdered.
Oct 31, evening
2.0 He did the monster mash! [Halloween party post] :
-Mio and Kaden meet again at the Halloween party. As usual, snark ensues. This time, they finally introduce themselves.
-In the sole disaster of the evening, Jack attempts to talk to Iris about sexuality, but ends up accidentally causing her to have a schizophrenic break from reality instead. (Off-screen, Mio is trying not to have a panic attack in the corner as well.)
2.1[locked entry to Jack in Mio's journal] : Mio and Jack discuss what happened with Iris at the party.
Nov. 25
3.0 Thanksgiving party post: Mio meets Iris at the Kashtta's Thanksgiving dinner. Mio originally talks to her because she is trying to learn more information about Kaden, but she and Iris hit it off, and she agrees to give Iris lessons in Japanese.
Dec 16ish
4.0 Angels we have heard on high : Mio and Iris exchange Christmas presents and have a discussion about the differences between magic users and psychics. Mio accidentally sends Iris into a panic attack by mentioning Owen's name, and is forced to mindlink with Iris to help calm her down.
Dec 20th
4.5 Presentsss! : Kaden leaves a present for Mio at the Tower. Mio writes a journal entry to thank him, and they agree to go out for coffee some time after the Fuchizakis (+ guardians) get back from Japan.
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