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Mio probably spent more than she should have on Christmas gifts, but then again she always does.  Starting a few days before Christmas, Mio begins passing out her gifts to all of the people she knows. Torchwood members will receive their presents on Christmas Day, since Mio knows how to track them down much more reliably than the others.

For Ianto:
A pair of carved onyx rose cufflinks.  (Ianto will probably notice that they are similar to a pair of earrings that Mio wears on a fairly regular basis, and is wearing while she gives him his present.) Additionally, 1 lb. of some kind of super-fancy pretentious imported coffee and a card with an adorable personal note in it.

For Jack:

A digital picture frame, with a 16 GB SD card already inserted.  When Jack powers it on, he will notice that the SD card is preloaded with a number of pictures that might appear to some as clever photomanips, but Jack will be able to recognize as being taken on a number of non-Earth locations. Some of them will undoubtedly be planets that he knows, while others will be foreign. If he takes the SD card out and reads it with a computer, he will notice that in addition to the usual camera settings metadata, each picture also has metadata for a short description of the scene, the time and date the picture was taken (in that area's local calendaring system), and a notation for the universal spaciotemporal coordinates of the location the photo was taken (which might or might not bear a resemblance to the notation the Time Agency uses). There is note attached to the frame that says, in Mio's elegant handwriting, "A reminder of the wider multiverse".

Also, Mio has cooked Jack the strangest non-Earth dish she could get the ingredients (or reasonable substitutes) for. It is unclear--even to Mio herself--whether or not this is supposed to be a serious gift or not.

The personal message in Jack's card is worded in suspiciously formal language, thanking Jack for everything he's done for her this year and her wishes for continued productivity in their working relationship in the year to come.

For Phoebe:
A vintage Japanese lacquer jewelry music box, and a navy blue bohemian-style skirt with an ethnic-inspired print.

The personal note in Phoebe's card says that Mio is honored to consider Phoebe a true friend as well as a co-worker.

For Mercury:
A leather-bound collection of the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, and a beret and a pair of gloves, in cream colored-cashmere with powder blue ribbon lacing details.

Also included is a card with some traditional New Year's greetings written in Japanese.

For Owen: 
A good-quality bottle of Scotch whisky, with a card that reads: "I know you won't appreciate it, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year anyway.  --Mio"

For Matoi:
Frozen crabs.  There is no personal message written on Matoi's card, only Mio's signature. 

For Josef:
A bottle of expensive wine delivered to the No-name Club. The note in the card says that they should really get together some time and catch up on how their respective lives have been doing since Mio started taking on more responsibilities with Torchwood.

For Jo:
Mio has commissioned a custom-made weighted bokuto (to simulate the weight and balance of a real sword) for Jo.  The personal message in Jo's card says that Mio has been honored to teach Jo the ways of the sword.

For Iris: [Given earlier, in Iris's thread]
A Japanese lucky cat, traditionally wrapped in a silk furoshiki.
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