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I was your perfect little doll for 15 years. I ate when you told me to, I wore the clothing you told me to, I learned all of the womanly arts that you felt I needed to become the perfect lady. And yet none of these were good enough for you, because nothing I could do would measure up to Misao's perfection in your eyes.

I hated you for that. So I tried to rebel, like cutting the my hair and exposing my scar, the Hongo family's shame, to the world. I tried to get you to see that I was someone unique, not a poor copy of my sister. It didn't work.

And yet, now that I am away on my own, I find myself falling back into the habits that you tried to drill into me as a child. It seems I cannot escape you, even though I am universes away.
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To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship. -Thomas Moore

What a joke. I would hardly call the relationship my parents have with any of their so-called friends "healing." To them, it's all about the social competition--who can throw the most lavish parties, who can invite the most prestigious guests, who can travel to the most exotic places on holiday, who can buy the most designer clothing. I fail to see any sort of benefit in that sort of behavior.

Besides, friendship is a liability. It opens you up to demands from people, and people always want something from you. I already dislike the demands my parents put on me, I don't need to open myself up to that from anything else.
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