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[ locked to Captain Jack Harkness ]

What in the name of the Inverted Pyramid of Klah happened earlier at the party? I could hear that girl's panic through my shields! (Granted, they're not quite back up to full strength yet, but even so...)

{{OOC: Fun fact - Mio doesn't like cursing in the name of gods because she's all to aware they exist and might hear her. So she curses in the name of dimensions and alien landmarks instead.}}
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[[Concurrent with this entry.]]

[Locked to Owen, Ianto, and Jack]

Can someone -- come get me? I'm at [location data here].  Bring a -- Bring a body bag.  Owen, I need a double -- double dose of the strongest -- painkillers you have.  Either Vicodin or -- or Percoset if  -- if you've got them.  [jumble of letters approximating a machine transcription of a low moan]

[Locked to Jack]

We need to talk.  Not here -- journal network too insecure.  When I get back.
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I was thinking about having Torchwood host a welcoming dinner for the new residents on Monday night.  It would give the new residents an opportunity to meet the members of Torchwood, and vice versa. 

It would also be a good opportunity to get everyone in one place so I can start assigning things like cleaning duties.  With over thirty people living in the Kashtta now, common areas will get messy very quickly if we aren't proactive about such things.

What do you think?
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