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[locked to her friends]
[locked against CLF, CLF sympathizers, and people who would purposefully hurt Wanderers]

As of today, I've been in Chicago for a year.

You know, it feels a little bit odd, realizing I've been in one place that long without going on a trip even once. Before I came here, it seemed like I was travelling more often than not, sometimes.

[locked to Ianto]

After this all dies down with the CLF, would you be interested in maybe going somewhere, maybe taking a long weekend and getting out of town for a couple days?
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[ Locked to Ianto Jones ]

How are you feeling?  Sorry I didn't contact you yesterday, but I was pretty much out until late in the evening and then that blackout happened.

I'm feeling mostly better physically now, although my shields are still shot to hell and I've got a moderately annoying lingering headache and a touch of photophobia still, but that's about it aside from the muscle weakness.  {{OOC: Funny how Mio describes that as "mostly better." 9.9}} I'll need to be on a high-calorie, high-protein diet for the next couple of days to gain back my energy.  I really overdid it this time.

You still up for talking?
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[[Concurrent with this entry.]]

[Locked to Owen, Ianto, and Jack]

Can someone -- come get me? I'm at [location data here].  Bring a -- Bring a body bag.  Owen, I need a double -- double dose of the strongest -- painkillers you have.  Either Vicodin or -- or Percoset if  -- if you've got them.  [jumble of letters approximating a machine transcription of a low moan]

[Locked to Jack]

We need to talk.  Not here -- journal network too insecure.  When I get back.
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