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Following up on the conversation we were having before in Phoebe's journal:

I actually have reason to believe there is a force or forces at work to keep most of the non-supernatural population from noticing the supernatural. There have been a number of large-scale disasters in the past that were clearly of supernatural origin--the destruction of the Conrad Hotel, for one, and the Ten Plagues that occurred in the fall of 2009, for another--but most of the residents of the city just can't seem to even consider the possibility of a supernatural origin for these events. Occurrences such as rivers of blood and frogs falling from the sky violate a number of laws of nature as we know them, but while non-supernaturals will notice and react to the events as they are happening, only few days later they seem to have almost forgotten.

Unfortunately, when the other residents of the city do notice what's going on, there is often a violent backlash, leading to the rise of terrorist groups such as the CLF. It's all to easy for people try to blame supernatural occurrences on the supernatural community. The fact that many people don't recognize us for what we are actually gives us a degree of safety, odd as it may sound.

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