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I will try to add video and/or download links as time permits.
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1.  Is it possible for Mio to project emotions and/or images into your character's mind?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

2.  If you marked no in the previous question, explain why not (psychic shielding, psychically dead, etc.).

3.  If she were to psychically scan the immediate area, would Mio be able to feel your character's emotions?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

4.  If you marked no to the previous question, explain why not (psychic shielding, psychically dead, etc.).

5.  If your character has psychic shielding, is it detectable as such?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] My character does not have psychic shielding

6.  What languages does your character speak?

Thank you!

Edit:  I didn't make this really clear, but in all cases I will check with the other person involved before Mio projects or deep-reads your character.  For even a surface reading I will write into narration that Mio is scanning the area for emotions.  Mio will also only go off of emotional information written into narration, so unless you say your character is particularly happy/sad/hateful/whatever Mio will probably not feel much of anything from your character because she's not that good at reading.
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Name: Mio Hongo

Age/Birth date: 25, November 8, 1991

Species: Human (Wanderer)

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A small but growing collection of songs I feel represent Mio. In no particular order; my comments are in parentheses.

1) Within Temptation - A Dangerous Mind
2) Within Temptation - Destroyed (Mio/her mother)
3) Assemblage 23 - Silence (Mio/Misao)
4) The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass (I'm not sure why this is Mio song, but it just is. Might have something to do with the music video?)
5) Xandria - Beware

There were others, but they're not coming to mind right now.
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Basic research suggests that Mio has a Scorpio personality--revenge seeking, holds grudges, suspicious, unable to let things go, uses her powers to benefit only herself and steps on other people in order to satisfy her own greed, etc. (none of those were very complimentary at all, haha) Can anyone who has more knowledge of Zodiac signs give me a thumbs up/down on this analysis?

Also, for those muns who have chosen birthdays for their pups, is there anything else that would be a good idea to consider besides Zodiac sign or should I just pick a date at random within that range (October 23 - November 21, in this case)?
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Note: While most of the info in this post should remain OOC, feel free to have telepaths (I'm looking at you, Schuldig) learn any information that is related to something Mio has said IC.

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