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It's near the end of the year, so Mio has selected some presents for people to convey her gratitude to various people who have done her favors over the past year. (Also, because it's the socially polite thing to do in Japan this time of year.)

Each gift has been professionally wrapped in the proper Japanese fashion, and for those who can't read kanji, the Nexus Translation field will helpfully translate the noshi (the white paper thing) to read: Year-end gift - Hongo.

For Ran: a gift set of gourmet British teas.

For Nagi: a cake.

For Daimon: a selection of authentic Kyoto sweets.

For Schuldig: a box of Godiva chocolates.

Each gift is hand-delivered to the recipient.
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Mio is in the filing room, busily matching receipts and invoices to POs and checking them off on some sort of list. Her previous annoyance at this project has been replaced by a fierce determination to make everything is done properly and efficiently.
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Mio stretches her arms in an attempt to loosen some of the tension in her shoulders. She'd been working on this filing project for nearly a week now, and she was finally almost done with sorting all of the papers. Mio mentally sighed in exasperation for about the thousandth time since she'd begun this project. Seriously, it was like someone had just tossed all of this paperwork in the boxes without even bothering to do any preliminary sorting. It was extremely unprofessional, she didn't know how they managed to stay in business with accounting that sloppy.

Mio finishes the stack that she had been working on and glances at the clock. 5 til noon. Time for lunch. Mio gets up and heads for the break room.
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Mio pauses outside the entrance of Black Wolf Studios and double-checks the name against the business card Bad Ass-sensei gave her.  Yes, this is in fact the correct place.    Mio carefully puts the business card away in her bag, then spends a moment straightening her clothing and hair in an attempt to present the best possible first impression when she enters the building.

Mio approaches the reception desk and waits until she can catch the attention of the person working there.  "Excuse me, miss.  An acquaintance of mine told me that this company was searching for an accountant.  I would like to inquire if the position is still open."
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