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On Friday at 3 o'clock on the dot Mio leaves work, by 3:15 he has arrived back at his house. He hopes that he has managed to arrive before Ran, it would be impolite to make a guest wait.

((As per the icon, Mio is a boy right now. :D))
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It's near the end of the year, so Mio has selected some presents for people to convey her gratitude to various people who have done her favors over the past year. (Also, because it's the socially polite thing to do in Japan this time of year.)

Each gift has been professionally wrapped in the proper Japanese fashion, and for those who can't read kanji, the Nexus Translation field will helpfully translate the noshi (the white paper thing) to read: Year-end gift - Hongo.

For Ran: a gift set of gourmet British teas.

For Nagi: a cake.

For Daimon: a selection of authentic Kyoto sweets.

For Schuldig: a box of Godiva chocolates.

Each gift is hand-delivered to the recipient.
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Mio just got her first paycheck a few days ago, and she needs to buy more clothes besides her one outfit and her school uniform. She figures she'll call Ran-san to ask her for directions to the Nexus Mall so she can do some shopping.

Ring ring Ran-san!
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Now that's she's returned to human form and has access to her belongings again, Mio would like to repay Ran for the lunch she bought Mio the other day. The main reason for this is because Mio dislikes feeling in anyone's debt, but subconsciously, Mio is looking to Ran for support with adjusting to the fact that she cannot go home.

Mio find a Convenient Nexus Pay Phone and dials the number Ran gave her.
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Mio is feeling sorry for herself. She hates being a cat. Actually, hates might be putting it a little bit mildly. Mio absolutely detests being a cat. For one thing, her clothes, wallet, and schoolbag all disappeared off to somewhere when she got transformed. This means she had no access to her money or her credit cards in the Nexus.

Being flat broke for the first time in her life was not a pleasant experience. Mio was uses to the softest feather beds and the highest quality gourmet food. She had neither of these in the Nexus. Sleeping under bushes, in boxes, and behind dumpsters was not only horribly uncomfortable, it was unsanitary, and she kept having to defend her territory from other cats as well, meaning that she had not gotten anything near an uninterrupted night's sleep for the entire time she had been in the Nexus. On top of that, scrounging for food was demeaning. She was not going to beg for food, begging was not something a daughter of the Hongo family would ever consider. Unfortunately for her, Mio was not very good at scrounging, which led to her going hungry most nights.

Interrupting herself from her internal complaints, Mio goes to check around the Nexus Conroys to see if the old lady who runs this flowershop has put out any food today. The obaa-san is a little bit senile and often forgets, but Mio always comes by to check every day just in case she has put something out.
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