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It's near the end of the year, so Mio has selected some presents for people to convey her gratitude to various people who have done her favors over the past year. (Also, because it's the socially polite thing to do in Japan this time of year.)

Each gift has been professionally wrapped in the proper Japanese fashion, and for those who can't read kanji, the Nexus Translation field will helpfully translate the noshi (the white paper thing) to read: Year-end gift - Hongo.

For Ran: a gift set of gourmet British teas.

For Nagi: a cake.

For Daimon: a selection of authentic Kyoto sweets.

For Schuldig: a box of Godiva chocolates.

Each gift is hand-delivered to the recipient.
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Mio is slowly reaching wakefulness after taking a long, relaxing nap on Schuldig's sofa. Having eaten recently and gotten the best sleep she's had in what seems like ages, she is feeling content and in a good mood. Mio is drowsily uncurling herself from her sleeping position and beginning to stretch out when a small raincloud drifts overhead and begins to rain directly onto Mio.

As the raindrops hit Mio, she begins to shift from cat form to catgirl-form, and then finally to human form. Luckily for her, she is wearing her original clothing when she transforms back; her schoolbag also reappears nearby. Unfortunately for Mio, she is now soaking wet.

Mio looks up and glares at the cloud. She hated getting wet. Mio gets up from the sofa and stalks across the 'room'. The cloud follows her, cheerfully raining on her the entire way. Mio glares at the cloud even more. "Stop following me!" she complains at it.

The mischievous cloud sails off, giggling madly. Mio continues to give it a Death Glare as it leaves, radiating annoyance at it even after it is long gone.

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