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[locked to Josef, Sonny, and the Crowbar crew; locked against CLF, CLF sympathizers, people with anti-Wanderer sentiments, and journals not in their owners' possession]

I've managed to get some information about the CLF case that I think everyone should know about. This is sensitive enough that I would prefer to discuss this in person at a secure location and not over the journal network.

What time would be best for everyone? Also, I would prefer to meet outside of the Kashtta, as it is a known center of Wanderer activity; Josef, Sonny, would it be possible to use one of the back rooms at either the Crowbar or the club?


[Locked to Gwen Cooper]

Gwen -

I haven't seen or heard from you lately, so I thought I'd check in and see how you are doing. I know losing the baby was really rough on you, so I've been trying to give you some space, but it's been long enough that I've really begun to get worried about you.

Please contact me, whether it be by journal, cell, or in person. Please don't be afraid to call any hour of the day or night.

- Mio
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[[OOC: Backdated to shortly after the CLF post on the journal network went down.]]

I'm helping coordinate Torchwood response to the latest incident. I'm willing to pay for info, especially with regards to the whereabouts of Ivan Solomon. He's a demon, most likely a Teme.

[contact info goes here]

If I'm not available, Ianto Jones will know how to get in touch with me.

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[locked to Josef Soltini]

Mr. Soltini -

Is that job offer we talked about still available?

- Mio Hongo
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