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29 songs )
I will try to add video and/or download links as time permits.
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Title: Only Sleep
Rating: G
Characters: Mio Hongo, Dr. Spencer Reid (borrowed from Charley with love)
Word count: 380
Summary: Sometimes the best dreams are the ones you don’t have
A/N: Inspired by the fic the worst things in life come free to us. Title comes from the song of the same name by The Crüxshadows.

Every night before she goes to bed, Mio takes a walk around the Tower to make sure all is well. )
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When I was six, my older sister shoved me down a hill into a pile of broken glass because I could play the violin better than she could. The glass caused severe lacerations on my face and I also broke my arm.

I've always told people that the scars on my face were because of an "accident", but in reality the only accidental part about it was that my sister wasn't expecting the broken beer bottles to be there.
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Considering that we are potentially going to be talking about security issues, I thought it best that we move this discussion to a separate page in my journal, where I have better control over the locks.

Now then. I am sure that you've gathered from my posts that my name is Mio Hongo. Please call me Mio--I only force Ms. Hongo on people I don't actually like.

Anyway, getting back to the real reason I wanted to talk to you: I'd like to offer you a job at Torchwood. You seem to be familiar with the organization, so I'll save you the usual recruiting spiel, but the gist of it is that I'm short on personnel right now, especially ones who are experienced in combat. Given your last name, I really don't think there's any question of your qualifications on that front.

The benefits aren't stellar, but you'll get monthly pay and access to Torchwood's armory, among other things.

You don't need to make a decision right away, but I though I'd put that out there.
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[locked to Josef, Sonny, and the Crowbar crew; locked against CLF, CLF sympathizers, people with anti-Wanderer sentiments, and journals not in their owners' possession]

I've managed to get some information about the CLF case that I think everyone should know about. This is sensitive enough that I would prefer to discuss this in person at a secure location and not over the journal network.

What time would be best for everyone? Also, I would prefer to meet outside of the Kashtta, as it is a known center of Wanderer activity; Josef, Sonny, would it be possible to use one of the back rooms at either the Crowbar or the club?


[Locked to Gwen Cooper]

Gwen -

I haven't seen or heard from you lately, so I thought I'd check in and see how you are doing. I know losing the baby was really rough on you, so I've been trying to give you some space, but it's been long enough that I've really begun to get worried about you.

Please contact me, whether it be by journal, cell, or in person. Please don't be afraid to call any hour of the day or night.

- Mio
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[Backdated to April 10]


I'm sure the appropriate parties know what I mean.
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[locked to her friends]
[locked against CLF, CLF sympathizers, and people who would purposefully hurt Wanderers]

As of today, I've been in Chicago for a year.

You know, it feels a little bit odd, realizing I've been in one place that long without going on a trip even once. Before I came here, it seemed like I was travelling more often than not, sometimes.

[locked to Ianto]

After this all dies down with the CLF, would you be interested in maybe going somewhere, maybe taking a long weekend and getting out of town for a couple days?
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Cassie -

Do you by chance have a keyboard I could borrow for a little bit?

- Mio
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[[OOC: Backdated to shortly after the CLF post on the journal network went down.]]

I'm helping coordinate Torchwood response to the latest incident. I'm willing to pay for info, especially with regards to the whereabouts of Ivan Solomon. He's a demon, most likely a Teme.

[contact info goes here]

If I'm not available, Ianto Jones will know how to get in touch with me.

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Following up on the conversation we were having before in Phoebe's journal:

I actually have reason to believe there is a force or forces at work to keep most of the non-supernatural population from noticing the supernatural. There have been a number of large-scale disasters in the past that were clearly of supernatural origin--the destruction of the Conrad Hotel, for one, and the Ten Plagues that occurred in the fall of 2009, for another--but most of the residents of the city just can't seem to even consider the possibility of a supernatural origin for these events. Occurrences such as rivers of blood and frogs falling from the sky violate a number of laws of nature as we know them, but while non-supernaturals will notice and react to the events as they are happening, only few days later they seem to have almost forgotten.

Unfortunately, when the other residents of the city do notice what's going on, there is often a violent backlash, leading to the rise of terrorist groups such as the CLF. It's all to easy for people try to blame supernatural occurrences on the supernatural community. The fact that many people don't recognize us for what we are actually gives us a degree of safety, odd as it may sound.
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Mio probably spent more than she should have on Christmas gifts, but then again she always does.  Starting a few days before Christmas, Mio begins passing out her gifts to all of the people she knows. Torchwood members will receive their presents on Christmas Day, since Mio knows how to track them down much more reliably than the others.

For the members of Torchwood )
For Josef )
For Jo )
For Iris )
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[[OOC: Backdated to immediately after this comment.]]

Would you like a hokora (祠) for your journal in the subbasement? Or some other type of shrine to house it?

If you don't want one, what kind of Year End gift would you prefer?
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You know, I've been thinking recently it might be a good idea to build a hokora for the Kashtta. What do you think?


Nov. 20th, 2010 11:52 pm
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There is a box sitting outside of Ami Mizuno's door, containing a navy blue double-breasted pea coat.

On the top of the box there is a small card addressed to Ami Mizuno. Inside the card are four vouchers for movie tickets, good for any movie, even new releases. The note inside the card reads,

It's been getting quite chilly recently, hasn't it? Don't work yourself too hard, and remember to take time to have fun with your friends. You are only young once, so make the most of it.

There is no name signed on the card.
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[ locked to Captain Jack Harkness ]

What in the name of the Inverted Pyramid of Klah happened earlier at the party? I could hear that girl's panic through my shields! (Granted, they're not quite back up to full strength yet, but even so...)

{{OOC: Fun fact - Mio doesn't like cursing in the name of gods because she's all to aware they exist and might hear her. So she curses in the name of dimensions and alien landmarks instead.}}
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[ Locked to Ianto Jones ]

How are you feeling?  Sorry I didn't contact you yesterday, but I was pretty much out until late in the evening and then that blackout happened.

I'm feeling mostly better physically now, although my shields are still shot to hell and I've got a moderately annoying lingering headache and a touch of photophobia still, but that's about it aside from the muscle weakness.  {{OOC: Funny how Mio describes that as "mostly better." 9.9}} I'll need to be on a high-calorie, high-protein diet for the next couple of days to gain back my energy.  I really overdid it this time.

You still up for talking?
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[[Concurrent with this entry.]]

[Locked to Owen, Ianto, and Jack]

Can someone -- come get me? I'm at [location data here].  Bring a -- Bring a body bag.  Owen, I need a double -- double dose of the strongest -- painkillers you have.  Either Vicodin or -- or Percoset if  -- if you've got them.  [jumble of letters approximating a machine transcription of a low moan]

[Locked to Jack]

We need to talk.  Not here -- journal network too insecure.  When I get back.
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[[backdated to shortly after this entry.]]

Greetings, everyone.  If I haven't met you yet, name is Mio Hongo.  On behalf of Torchwood, I would like to invite everyone to a dinner to welcome our new residents on Monday, May 17, at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria.

If you have any special dietary considerations, please let me know so I can arrange to have food available that suits your needs.

RSVP not required.
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I was thinking about having Torchwood host a welcoming dinner for the new residents on Monday night.  It would give the new residents an opportunity to meet the members of Torchwood, and vice versa. 

It would also be a good opportunity to get everyone in one place so I can start assigning things like cleaning duties.  With over thirty people living in the Kashtta now, common areas will get messy very quickly if we aren't proactive about such things.

What do you think?

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